Мраморная мозаика ручной работы: искусство и дизайн

Мозаика ручной работы

Mosaic Natural offers diverse collections of mosaic art to fit any home improvement needs from pool interiors to outdoor d├ęcor. Choose from handmade mosaic designs and patterns created by gifted craftsmen.

Redesign your space using top-quality handmade mosaics. With hundreds of unique mosaic designs, floor to wall, there is always a one-of-a-kind unique design for everyone. Choose from featured mosaic designs in our collections, create your own custom mosaic, or personalize anything you see on our website.

Our attention to detail and the rigors applied to each piece is our secret so that we produce a design which preserves the rich history of mosaics, this sets us apart from our competitors.

When you buy from Mosaic Natural, you get unique masterpieces that are made with care and a commitment to quality. Explore mosaic tiles constructed from natural colored marble tesserae, granite, and other beautiful natural stones to complete your home or commercial project.

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"By the time he arrived in the U.S., his goal was focused: to create as much opportunity as possible for the new iteration of the family's business and the Syrian refugees they employed in Turkey.
Since then, the company has employed 23 Syrian refugees there. Currently Hammadi's U.S. outpost is in New York, where he works extensively with interior designers."

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Мозаика ручной работы
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